Música Creativa understands that music itself is an international language with the ability to connect nations and cultures. Many of the basic elements used in music education are common in different languages, which makes it easier for students to understand and follow the lessons even when they don´t master the language. Our management staff and teachers are linguistically prepared and eager to help students adapt and overcome any obstacle caused by cultural or language barriers.

The School teaching and learning methods address the diversity of student language needs, including those for students whose mother tongue is not Spanish. In those cases, additional support will be provided for the students to be able to follow the lessons.

Despite incoming students are expected to come with a basic level of Spanish, Music Creativa offers language support to all international students through Spanish courses in collaboration with various partner language schools located at walking distance from our premises.

Incoming students are entitled to a price reduction in their study fee for Spanish courses provided in our partner language Schools. Should you be interested in receiving information about how to enrol in these courses, please contact the International Office and we will provide you with all the necessary details. All Música Creativa communications are available both in English and in Spanish in order to make sure all our international students and the invited teachers can understand the dynamics of the School and can participate in our internal and open activities.