Student Mobility

Student mobility involves engaging in a period of study at a higher music education institution that will certify the studies completed. During this period the student will be exempt from the payment of academic fees at the host institution.

Any student involved in international mobility must process its request with the host institution international office through a learning agreement in writing about the syllabus they will be following in the host country. The learning agreement must be officially approved by both institutions (home and host) before the start of the mobility period. At the end of their stay abroad, the host institution must send the student and their institution of origin a certificate proving that they have completed the agreed programme, together with a report containing results.

The aims of international student mobility are as follows:

  • To enable students to gain educational, linguistic and cultural benefit from the learning experience in other European countries;
  • To promote cooperation among institutions and enrich the educational environment of host institutions;
  • To help create a community of highly-qualified young people and future professionals with open minds and international experience;