Teacher and Administrative Staff Mobility

The goals of teacher and administrative staff mobility are as follows:

  • To enable students who are unable to take part in a mobility programme to benefit from the knowledge and experience of academic staff from other higher education music institutions from other European countries (visiting professors).
  • To promote the exchange of competencies and experience in pedagogical and management methods.
  • To encourage higher education music institutions to broaden and enrich the variety and content of the courses they offer.

The main activity is the teaching provided by a teacher/lecturer from a higher music education institution in a partner country, even though other activities may be developed apart from this.

Teaching staff who take part in a mobility programme must belong to the department or faculty of the host institution. This implies that:

  • Teaching staff mobility is based on inter-institutional agreements.
  • Partner higher music education institutions must agree prior to the mobility confirmation as to the syllabus that will be followed by visiting professors/lecturers.

Please click here to see the list of European partner institutions.

Should you be interested in receiving further information about teaching and administrative staff mobility, please contact our International Relations Coordinator, Mr. Julio Marqués Barrios at jmarques@musicacreativa.com.