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From January 2023 onwards, the Música Creativa Higher Education Institution will offer the Master’s in Artistic Teaching of Flamenco Music Performance.
This is the only master’s degree that, in addition to deepening your knowledge of flamenco performance for all instruments from a practical point of view (with internships in the main tablaos of Madrid), will provide you with all the institutional advantages of an official course:

Characteristics of the Master’s Degree in Flamenco

  • The Master’s programme in Flamenco has undergone a rigorous evaluation process that guarantees its quality and is included in the Registry of Universities, Centres and Degrees (RUCT) of the Ministry of Education.
  • It allows students to pursue PhD studies.
  • Recognised in all universities of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
  • Advantages when it comes to taking competitive examinations or applying for public examinations, since official degrees score more points as they are classified as postgraduate degrees, while non-official degrees are considered continuing education.
  • Possibility to apply for general scholarships from the Ministry of Education, which are only offered for official master’s degrees.
As part of the hallmarks of the Música Creativa Higher Education Institution, the Official Master’s Degree in Flamenco has a prestigious team of teaching staff and a modern approach. We could not agree more with what the maestro Paco de Lucía used to say: that you have to hold on tight to tradition with one hand, and keep digging with the other. That is why, we have a 360º vision of flamenco, keeping the essence but significantly exploring and mixing with other styles.

Why you should study the Official Master’s Degree in Flamenco

  • Official qualification from the Ministry and European approval.
  • All our teachers are renowned musicians and artists.
  • Individual instrument lessons every week.
  • We offer internships in flamenco tablaos.
  • More complete and modern teaching approach and curriculum.
  • Master’s suitable for all instruments.
  • Recording studio.
  • Practical subjects such as combo, flamenco rhythm and accompaniment to singing and dancing.
  • Flexibility to study the Master’s Degree at your own pace, taking credits as you wish.


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My aim has been to keep one hand on tradition and use the other to scratch and dig in other places, trying to find new things that I can bring to flamenco.
Paco de Lucía

SUP - info Flamenco - Sencillo - English



Have previous musical training. (Level equivalent to Higher Education).

Have performed flamenco in the past.

Be in possession of any of the following qualifications:

  • A university degree (Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma).
  • An advanced degree in higher artistic education.
  • Degrees at this level issued in any country of the European Higher Education Area.

For other university degrees issued by countries outside the EHEA, please consult the Música Creativa Higher Education Institution’s Secretariat at superior@musicacreativa.com.


We have a large teaching team of active professionals who contribute their unique added value based on the real experiences of musicians to the learning process

Full Professors

Javier Colina

Javier Colina

Dani de Morón

Dani de Morón

Jorge Pardo

Jorge Pardo

Flauta, Saxo, Instrumentos de viento




Antonio Serrano

Antonio Serrano

Armónica, Instrumentos de viento
Josemi Carmona

Josemi Carmona

José Ruíz Bandolero

José Ruíz Bandolero

Cajón, Percusión

Associate Professors

Pablo Martín Caminero

Pablo Martín Caminero

Contrabajo, Combo, Baile, Recursos jazz 
Joaquín Sánchez

Joaquín Sánchez

Interpretación, Clarinete
Alfonso Aroca

Alfonso Aroca

Juanfe Pérez

Juanfe Pérez

Bajo Eléctrico
Thomas Potiron

Thomas Potiron

Violín, Instrumentos de cuerda
Antonio González

Antonio González

Benito Bernal

Benito Bernal

Javier Valdunciel

Javier Valdunciel

Cajón, Percusión, Batería
Pablo Martín Jones

Pablo Martín Jones

Producción de Flamenco, Batería
Ángeles Toledano

Ángeles Toledano

Alejandro Escalera

Alejandro Escalera

Antonio Lizana

Antonio Lizana

Saxo, Instrumentos de viento


Check or download the Curriculum of the Official Master’s Degree in Flamenco here:

Why should you choose centro superior MUSICA CREATIVA HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION?

The entire educational experience offered by Música Creativa is based on two fundamental concepts to align with guarantees in today’s music industry: stylistic versatility to undertake any project and artistic identity to stand out.

Direct immersion in the professional world

True musicianship comes not only through individual practice and hard work, but also through interaction and experience on stage

With over 35 years of experience in the field of teaching jazz and other current music styles and with hundreds of professional musicians trained in our classrooms, we know that hands-on experiences are key to learning. Our students start collaborating from day one: playing in groups, improvising, writing and arranging while experimenting and learning the latest technologies.

The centre’s participation in the city’s cultural programming makes us a key player in Madrid’s music scene. Our campus is located in the heart of an artistic and multicultural neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid, giving students the opportunity to perform live and network with the local cultural programmers we collaborate with. Student groups perform regularly at the city’s major live music venues and participate annually in the Madrid International Jazz Festival.

Innovative and quality training

We believe that digital tools enhance the creative process and encourage flexible learning, in line with the demands of the music industry. That’s why you will receive a WelcomeTech Pack with an iPad (and if you are studying for a Degree in Composition, also a sound card, licenses and virtual instruments) so that you can develop your potential from the very first minute.

Career opportunities

Our institutional alliances will offer you the opportunity to have all kinds of artistic experiences that will prepare you for your professional future. Thanks to the network of contacts of our teaching team, made up of active professionals, you will also be able to work as a performer for the first time. 

Creative ecosystem

What you will experience

  • Being part of the Creativa community means having access to a new world of artistic experiences. You will have contact with national and international artists and share the stage with performers of different styles (jazz, pop, flamenco, folk, etc.) 
  • You will also be able to collaborate with students of the Degree in Composition in the studio recordings of various projects
  • The Música Creativa Higher Education Institution is internationally connected through collaborations with other institutions of higher education promoting student and teacher exchanges and joint research in the pedagogical field.

International connection

  • Our teaching team is made up of international musicians with extensive experience and a strong vocation for teaching. All teaching staff members are actively working in different sectors of the music industry, which allows them to help students understand and face the challenges and opportunities of the sector, and even collaborate directly in their professional projects.
  • The Música Creativa Higher Education Institution is internationally connected through collaborations with other institutions of higher education promoting student and teacher exchanges and joint research in the pedagogical field.


Do I need to know Spanish to apply to this Master?

Yes, the minimum Spanish level that you need to have is B1.

Who is the Official Master’s Degree in Flamenco for?

Recommended for instrumentalists, singers, dancers, jazz musicians, musicology graduates or former music history and science graduates, music graduates, conservatory graduates, etc.

What are the registration deadlines?

  • Publication of the admission requirements and content of the entrance exams: 4 October.
  • Registration for the entrance exam: from 14 October to 21 November.
  • Entrance exams: 28 November to 2 November.
  • Decision on admitted students: 12 December.

When does the registration closes?

Registration closes on 15 December.

Are there any scholarships for the Master’s Degree in Flamenco?

Yes, you can apply for one when you register for the entrance exams. More
information coming soon in the Foundation section on our website.


  • Application: 14 October to 21 November.
  • Subsidiation: 28 November to 2 December.
  • Publication of results: 30 November.

How much does the Master’s in Flamenco cost?

  • Actual price of the Master’s: € 12,150
  • Promotional price for launch: €9,720 (20% discount)
  • Price per credit: €108

What qualifications do I need to take the Master’s programme?

As it is an Official Master’s Degree, you need a higher degree (Bachelor’s Degree) to be able to take it.

The Master’s Degree is open to students with a higher degree from a conservatory or higher music centre or with an official Spanish university degree (bachelor’s degree) or a foreign university degree (BA, MUS, etc.). As stated in the admission rules of Música Creativa and in the official rules of other universities in Madrid.

Can I take the Master’s Degree in Flamenco with any instrument?

Yes, the master’s is open to all instruments.

How long is the Master’s programme?

The Master’s in Flamenco has a duration of 18 months, divided into 3 semesters:

  • 1st Semester: January to June 2023
  • 2nd Semester: September 2023 to January 2024
  • 3rd Semester: January to June 2024

How are the class schedules?

Classes will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday between 9 am and 5.30 pm.

Can the master’s degree be taken online?

No, the Master’s in Flamenco is in-person, based on individual and group practice. It may involve certain theoretical classes that are taught online, but on an ad hoc basis.

Can I take more than 18 months to complete my Master’s degree?

Yes, send us an email to superior@musicacreativa.com and we will evaluate your case.

How are the entrance exams?

Previous education and suitability to the profile of the master’s degree will be taken into account in the admission process.
There will be a specific entrance exam for the Master’s Degree in Flamenco Performance consisting of 2 exercises:

  • Exercise 1: Theoretical test.
    General knowledge necessary for Music Education at Master’s level will be evaluated.
    The test consists of exercises in aural education, harmony, formal and stylistic analysis.
    Candidates will have a maximum of two hours to complete the test.
  • Exercise 2: Practical test.
    It will evaluate the specific knowledge on performance and flamenco necessary for the
    successful completion of the master’s degree.
    The test consists of the following parts:
    • Part A: Auditory (intonation) and rhythmic skills.
    • Part B: Sight reading and Improvisation
    • Part C: Performance of flamenco repertoire. Two pieces of different palos of the candidate’s choice will be performed.


ERASMUS + Accreditation

The Música Creativa Higher Education Institution is internationally connected through collaborations with other institutions of higher education promoting student and teacher exchanges and joint research in the pedagogical field.

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