Música Creativa prepares versatile performers in the field of jazz and contemporary music and gets them ready to succeed in different contexts and musical styles.

Our Bachelor Degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance has been designed using jazz education as the backbone and creative force behind the learning process while keeping the focus on the reality of today´s ever-changing music industry. Our approach addresses key musicianship areas such as group practice, improvisation, ear-training and harmony, arranging and composition while guiding the student in the process of finding and developing their own personal artistic voice as the key to succeeding as a working artist and musician. It also provides them with the technological and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills that every musician needs in order to bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a professional musician.

Our methodology is supported by the following key actions:

  • We provide opportunities for students to practice on stage from the very first day, participating in big band, ensembles and studio recording;
  • We facilitate opportunities for students to have direct contact with relevant professionals active in the field of Music through our Meet the Artist sessions;
  • We encourage students to develop their personal portfolio in order to improve their professional prospects. In addition, our students have access to the School´s employment agency, which allows them to start building professional links with the (key cultural agents) of the city;
  • We make technology available to the students as an integral part of their learning process, and a results they are able to make the most of the latest technological developments in the music world.