In Música Creativa, we prepare students to overcome the challenges of a multimedia composer in today´s ever-changing music industry.

Nowadays, to be successful as a composer, it is necessary to become proficient not only in different musical styles, but also at managing technology tools which have become an integral part of composing, recording and producing. Thus, composers need to master the language of classical and contemporary music, jazz, song writing, sound design, electronics and music production, not forgetting software for music notation, recording and mixing.

Job opportunities for composers have multiplied in the last decade, covering different formats such as film, television, the ever-developing market of video-games, audiobooks, apps etc, and of course, new ways to access the market: music licensing, shared-content platforms etc.

The Música Creativa Bachelor Degree in Music Composition trains students as well-prepared and multidisciplinary composers in line with the demands of today´s music industry. As the campus is shared with the students of the Performance Degree, the Composition students at Música Creativa can record their music drawing on more than 500 musicians from different musical styles and with different ensembles: from the many small and medium sized bands to 3 full Big Bands. Note that, in addition to this, the students’ final project will be recorded with the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra giving a unique opportunity to step right into a professional career.

Education in line with today´s industry:

  • Practical approach: professional stages, big bands, orchestra, musicians specialized in modern styles, studies in recording etc.
  • Students in direct contact with relevant national and international artists.
  • Wide range of professional prospects: music production, composition for cinema, tv, videogames, apps etc.
  • Career oriented: our students have access to Música Creativa´s employment agency, which allows them to start building professional links with the music industry from the first day.

Students receive the Welcome Tech Pack upon enrolment:

  • Apple iPad
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio interface
  • Sibelius and Logic Pro X Licences
  • East West Composer Cloud with 40.000 virtual instruments