Creative, International, Quality Live Music Training

Centro Superior Música Creativa is an official higher music education institution authorized by the Subdirección General de Enseñanzas Artísticas de la Comunidad de Madrid. Our educational project offers music students the opportunity to obtain an official higher music education degree in the field of jazz and contemporary music styles in line with the European quality standards right in the centre of Madrid.

Our official Degree Programmes in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance and in Music Composition have been carefully designed for students to develop the necessary skills and competencies to reach excellence while meeting the demands of today´s music industry. Our aim is to train future musicians by providing them with extensive tools to explore their own creativity, bringing together traditional and current music tendencies to free them of limitations when shaping up their career. Not only the courses but the whole experience of studying at Música Creativa have been conceived to integrate and converge into two common goals for each of our students: to develop their own unique artistic identity and to create a strong individual professional portfolio.

After more than 35 years teaching jazz and contemporary music styles and with hundreds of professional musicians having graduated from our classrooms, Música Creativa understands that real musicianship comes not only with individual practice and hard work, but also with interaction and experience on stage. Our students start making music together from day one: playing in groups, improvising, writing and arranging at the same time as they experiment and learn to incorporate the latest technology. Our pedagogical approach places great importance on the use of online learning and teaching methods and digital tools, providing our students with a flexible learning experience that matches the demands of today´s music industry.

Our school strives to offer innovative training by involving our students in the city’s music scene. By doing so, their learning experience is strongly reinforced by the practical application of the knowledge acquired through the direct immersion in the professional world. Our campus is located in the heart of an artistic and multicultural neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid, giving students the opportunity to start their professional careers in the many music venues with whom we collaborate. Student groups regularly perform in the main live music venues of the city and participate yearly in the Madrid International Jazz Festival.

Our teaching staff are experienced international musicians with an outstanding vocation for teaching and transmitting their own passion. We are proud to say that all of our teachers are currently active professionals in different sectors within the music industry, which allows them to help students understand and deal with the challenges and opportunities of the current music scene, and even collaborate directly with them in their professional projects. The school is well-connected internationally through collaborations and teaching staff exchanges with highly recognized worldwide institutions.

As a strong part of our study programmes, Música Creativa organises encounters with relevant artistic figures from all around the world: the Meet the Artist sessions (#MTA). Through these exclusive meetings, our students have the chance to be inspired by some of the most prolific international artists around, with whom they can share their music views and experiences. This opportunity also allows them to learn by directly playing music together. Some of the most relevant musicians state that they learnt the most by directly sharing the stage with their masters, thus we make this method an integral part of the student´s learning process.

Address: Centro Superior Música Creativa

C/Palma 35, 28004 Madrid, Spain