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Bachelor degree of music composition in madrid

In Música Creativa, we prepare students to overcome the challenges of a multimedia composer in today´s ever-changing music industry.

Nowadays, to be successful as a composer, it is necessary to become proficient not only in different musical styles, but also at managing technology tools which have become an integral part of composing, recording and producing. Thus, composers need to master the language of classical and contemporary music, jazz, song writing, sound design, electronics and music production, not forgetting software for music notation, recording and mixing.

Job opportunities for composers have multiplied in the last decade, covering different formats such as film, television, the ever-developing market of video-games, audiobooks, apps etc, and of course, new ways to access the market: music licensing, shared-content platforms etc.

The Música Creativa Bachelor Degree in Music Composition trains students as well-prepared and multidisciplinary composers in line with the demands of today´s music industry. As the campus is shared with the students of the Performance Degree, the Composition students at Música Creativa can record their music drawing on more than 500 musicians from different musical styles and with different ensembles: from the many small and medium sized bands to 3 full Big Bands. Note that, in addition to this, the students’ final project will be recorded with the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra giving a unique opportunity to step right into a professional career.

Practical Information

About Centro Superior Música Creativa

Centro Superior Música Creativa is located in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Malasaña, right at the cultural core of Madrid. The capital city of Spain is in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula.

Madrid is the largest Spanish city with more than 3 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. You will find in the city a rich mixture of cultures, since besides the native «madrileños», people from other countries and cultures have made Madrid their hometown. This means that even though the official language is Spanish, in Madrid you can easily get by in other languages, especially in English.


In Madrid most of students live in shared student flats or in individual studio apartments. Música Creativa International office supports incoming students in their search for accommodation by providing them with general tips and sources to find affordable options where short-term contracts are allowed. In addition, our staff will support students with any difficulty they may find both in the accommodation search process as well as dealing with the landlord/owner.

As in any other European big city, the price for renting a flat can vary greatly depending on how and where you want to live. For example, a 1-bedroom apartment/studio in the city centre can cost around 700 € –1,350€, while a room in a shared-flat could range between 300€ and 600€. Also, if you choose a room or a whole flat in a neighbourhood outside the centre, prices may decrease considerably.

City transport

Centro Superior Música Creativa encourages all students to actively contribute to the city´s sustainable development by using eco-friendly transportation methods such as the city electric bike system BICIMAD or the city public transport (metro, bus and fast trains) to move localy.  Taking the «metro» (tube) or the bus can be a wise alternative if you want to move fast and in an inexpensive way across the city. The transport system has 14 metro lines and over 170 buses:

Ticket prices:

  • Single ticket: 1.50 € – 3 € (depending on the city area)
  • 10 tickets card: 12.50 €
  • Monthly pass: 56 €
  • Monthly pass for Youth (26 and Under): 20 €: · Public electric bike rental (BiciMAD): annual plan costs 25 €.


Like any cosmopolitan capital, Madrid has a dynamic cultural agenda that keeps the spirit of the city alive day and night. Incoming students may enjoy many of the activities available in different languages. Here below you can find some examples of common student activities prices:

  • Cinema ticket: 8.50 € (Wednesdays: 4.50 €)
  • Concert ticket: 10 € – 30 € average
  • Theatre play: 10 € – 20 € average
  • Gym Monthly Pass: 20 € average

Health insurance

European Incoming students need to come with the European Health Insurance Card, which is issued free of charge in their home countries. This card allows anyone who is insured by or covered by a statutory social security scheme of the EEA countries and Switzerland to receive medical treatment in Spain for free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during their visit (for example, due to illness or an accident), or if they have a chronic pre-existing condition which requires care. The terms of validity of the card vary according to the issuing country.

Otherwise, incoming students are expected to arrange their own health insurance covering common illness and accidents while living in Spain.

We strongly recommend our international students to make sure they are well informed about the details of their insurance coverage before travelling.

Should you have any question about any of the points below, please contact our International Office

Language Policy

Música Creativa aims to provide musicians with the necessary tools to face the challenges of the music industry. Today´s musicians need to be able to interact in international environments, express themselves efficiently in different contexts and be able to share their artistic views with agents from different cultures.

Due to the international nature of music itself as a discipline, we believe language training is essential for students to break down cultural barriers. Both English and Spanish as a Second Language are included in all our study programmes as elective courses available for all our students, both domestic and incoming.

Despite the institution´s main instruction language being Spanish, the school organises different activities in English throughout the academic year for students to have access to international music training in other languages (mainly in English):

  • Master classes with invited professors from different international institutions;
  • ´Meet the artist´ sessions (#MTA) with relevant musicians from the international scene;
  • International thematic seminars for teachers and students;
  • Training programmes for teachers.

The school´s teaching and learning methods address students’ language needs, including those whose mother tongue is not Spanish. Many of the terms and concepts used in music education are similar in different languages, which makes understanding and following the lessons accessible even for those without the highest level of Spanish. Nevertheless, our management staff and all our teachers are linguistically trained both in English and Spanish and eager to help students overcome any obstacle caused by language.

However, bearing in mind that the school´s main language of instruction is Spanish, incoming students are requested to come with an intermediate level of Spanish supported by an official certificate equivalent to B1 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). For those students needing to improve their level of Spanish during their stay, Music Creativa offers free elective courses of Spanish as a Second Language equivalent to 2 ECTS (intermediate and upper intermediate level).

For the same reason, home students wishing to participate in mobility programmes abroad are requested to have an intermediate level of the host instruction´s language supported by an official certificate equivalent to B1 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The school offers optative courses of English as a second language applied to Music equivalent to 2 ECTS. In addition, for students needing to improve their level of English before starting their mobility period, Música Creativa offers free courses of English as a second language.

Last but not least, Música Creativa actively encourage its teachers and staff to engage in international mobility programmes in order to enrich their own experience and bring new views to the institution. All teachers interested in participating in international exchanges and activities are requested to have a higher-intermediate level of English supported by an official certificate equivalent to B2 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). For teachers willing to improve their level of English before starting their mobility period, Música Creativa offers free courses of English as a second language. All Música Creativa communications are available both in English and Spanish in the school´s online campus in order to make sure all our international students can understand the dynamics of the school and actively participate in our weekly activities.

Should you be interested in receiving further information about Música Creativa Language Policy, please contact our International Office.

Academic Year Calendar

You can check here all the information regarding our academic calendar of 2020 – 2021

Academic Year Calendar


Música Creativa is an official European Higher Music Education Institution inside the Erasmus Program: See Eche Letter





Composition teachers

We have a large teaching team of active professionals who contribute their unique added value based on the real experiences of musicians to the learning process


Richie Ferrer

Richie Ferrer

David Sancho

David Sancho

Alberto Torres

Alberto Torres

Nicolás Tsabertidis

Nicolás Tsabertidis

Belén Gómez

Belén Gómez

Ernesto Larcher

Ernesto Larcher

Ramón Paús

Ramón Paús

Juan Delgado Serrano

Juan Delgado Serrano

Main features of our bachelor degree in music composition


4 Academic Years

Number of Credits

240 ECTS (60 ECTS per academic year)

Courses Catalogue

More info

Study Program

Download here

Welcome tech pack

Students will receive this pack upon enrollment:

We believe that nowadays, digital tool empowers the creative process. Therefore you will get a tech pack consisting of iPad equipado with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface and license Logic X Pro (if you study composition, you will also have a license of Sibelius y EastWest Composer Cloud with 40.000 virtual instruments) which will allow you to start building professional links with the music industry form the first day.

Benefits of studying bachelor degree in música creativa

All the educational experience that is offered by Música Creativa is based on two main ideas: stylish versatility to successfully face any project and provide our own artistic identity to be outstanding.

Practical Approach

Professional stages, big bands, orchestra, musicians specialized in modern styles, studies in recording etc.

International Conection

Our students are in direct contact with relevant national and international artists

Wide range of professional prospects

Music production, composition for cinema, tv, videogames, apps etc.

Career Oriented

Our students have access to Música Creativa´s employment agency, which allows them to start building professional links with the music industry from the first day.

Entrance exams

Everything you need to enter the Degree in Composition without any setback


1. Have previous musical education (level equivalent to Professional Studies).

2. Be in possession of any of these qualifications:

  • High School Diploma: If you are going to obtain it in the academic year in which you are taking the entrance exam, you must present the payment receipt issued by the bank, proving that you have paid the fees to obtain your High School Diploma certificate. If you are a foreigner and the degree was obtained outside the European Union, you will need to get it approved to its equivalent in the Spanish educational system. If you need to do this, you can write to to consult the procedure beforehand.
  • Maturity Test for those over 18 years of age:
  • University Entrance Exam for those over 25 years of age

What are the tests like?

The specific entrance exam for Higher Music Education will consist of the following:

  • Two exercises to be performed in two sessions for the Music Performance speciality.
  • Two exercises to be performed in three sessions for the Composition speciality.

The first exercise will be the same for both degrees. The other exercises will be of a practical nature and will be linked to the specialities and instruments.

More information

Steps for registering

1. Click on the button below to go to the entrance exam page.

2. Remember to download, complete and attach the affidavit to the form

4. Keep an eye on your email; we will contact you as soon as we can.

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SUP - info Formulario genérico

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